Michael D Morris

Artist Statement


While hiking in Colorado, I always enjoy studying the geological formations found in the Rocky Mountains. In particular, the stacked layers of alternating materials laid down over the millennia appeal to my sense of wonder. Each layer varies in color, thickness, density, and material. In turn, each layer erodes differently. The combination of these layers make a unique story of the history of that location. What caused this particular layer? What creatures roamed the earth? These are the formations that led me to develop my "Layers" series.

In my art, I am drawn to the elegance of a perfectly executed curve, the seamless flow between varying radii. Combined with areas of ruggedness, a story is told of competing temperaments that still somehow work together in harmony. Finding this balance is deeply satisfying.

When I work with wood, I am reminded that we are all intimately connected with nature. Wood provides that natural warmth and peace that one experiences while deep in the forests of the Rocky Mountains or while relaxing under a shade tree in a city park. It is this sense of joy and wonder that I strive to bring to my art and into your homes.